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Conference Leadership Team Introduction


Our conference leadership team comprises outstanding leaders with extensive experience and profound expertise in the fields of digital economy and the new internet economy.


We take great pride in our conference leadership team’s outstanding achievements and leadership positions. They are committed to making AVVE Elite Summit the premier event in the digital economy and new internet economy fields, providing attendees with unparalleled insights and opportunities. Their diverse backgrounds and exceptional expertise will ensure that the conference becomes an unmissable gathering for global innovators.



Dr. Michael Harrington

Co-Founder and CEO


Dr. Michael Harrington holds an MBA degree from Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business. His career began in Silicon Valley, where he held strategic planning executive roles at globally leading tech innovation companies. Leading a cross-cultural team, he successfully drove the development and implementation of several groundbreaking digital economy projects. Michael’s expertise spans digital strategy, fintech, and blockchain technology.

Dr. David Anderson

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Dr. David Anderson holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science and has accumulated over 20 years of experience in the technology field, working with top research institutions worldwide. He has led numerous pivotal computer science projects, including research in artificial intelligence and machine learning. David’s research findings have been published in international scientific journals, and he serves as a technical mentor for multiple startup ventures.


Emily Turner

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Emily Turner boasts a rich background in marketing and brand management. Her career began with international advertising agencies and later evolved into marketing executive positions at globally renowned consumer goods companies. She successfully launched multiple global brands and led marketing teams, driving business growth. Emily is also an active participant in cutting-edge practices in social media marketing and digital strategy.

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