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The Mentoring programme 2010!

October 21st, 2010 by admin

Matti AarnioMatti Aarnio wrote:

It was early September 2009 when I first got an e-mail about mentoring programme organized by Paper Engineers’ Association (PI). During that time, I wrote my master’s thesis and I was already thinking the work life after the thesis. Truthfully, I wasn’t so sure about my decision to become a plant design expert and I was eager to learn more about the plant design career. Therefore, the mentoring programme was exactly what I was looking for in that September. I decided to apply immediately and wrote an application to PI that I would like to have a mentor who has made career in plant design side.

The first meeting with mentors and students was in January 2010. When I first met my mentor in lobby before the meeting I already got very positive image of him. In the end of the meeting I found out that the mentor is much more than I expected. He was definitely an expert on the field of plant design, he had lived in all over the world and what was the most important, it was easy to talk with him, no need to be nervous. Later on, I learned that my mentor had started his impressive career in similar way that I’m thinking to start mine and this gave an excellent starting point to our chats after the first meeting.

What did we then talk about with my mentor and how often did we meet? We had about two hours meeting every one and a half months and in addition we changed e-mails and talked in the phone. Every meeting had its own topic which we had agreed in the previous meeting or via e-mail. We talked about career paths, the job of process engineer today and in the past, living abroad, working in different cultures, entrepreneurship etc. We also had one meeting with another mentor pair and one other meeting where my mentor had asked few of his colleagues to attend.

Overall, the meetings with my mentor were very interesting and useful for my future. Especially, I remember the pair meeting when we had a great chat about working abroad. I have thought long time that working abroad would be nice but it would have its challenges, but after having the discussion with mentors I know how to cope with the challenges and make the time enjoyable.

I warmly recommend taking part to the next years mentoring programme!

Matti Aarnio

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Composites from Natural Resources, March 27 – 31, 2011, Anaheim, Kalifornia, USA

September 22nd, 2010 by admin

Call for papers now on for the Symposium on Composites from Natural Resources!

Submissions in the following topics are invited:
1. Advances in bio-based polymer matrices
2. New biocomposites with advanced properties
3. Structural composites based on biomass
4. New bio-based particles for biocomposites
5. Surface modification of reinforcement bio-based fibres
6. Nanostructured reinforcement materials based on biomass
7. New functionalisation concepts for green composites
8. Hybrid bio-based green composites
9. Nanoscale characterization of biocomposite interfaces
10. Applications of biocomposites

The deadline for submit a paper is October 18th 2010.

Find more information here

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Tissue World 2011, March 28 – 31, 2011, Nice Acropolis, France

September 7th, 2010 by admin

Call for papers now on for the Tissue World 2011 Technical Conference!

Technical sessions are proposed as follows:
1. Papermaking Developments
2. Energy Reduction and Savings
3. Softness, Strength and Surface Treatment
4. Converting and Printing
5. Wrapping, Packaging and Logistics
6. Fibers, Water and Raw Materials
7. Process Control, Testing and Maintenance
8. Auxiliary Components in Tissue Making

Key dates
Nov 3, 2010, Abstracts due
Jan 30, 2011, Complete presentations due

Find more information here

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5th ICEP International Colloquium on Eucalyptus Pulp, May 8-11, 2011, Porto Seguro, BA Brazil

August 23rd, 2010 by admin

Call for abstracts now on!

Key dates
October 25th, 2010, Abstracts due
December 13th, 2010, Acceptances notified
March 28th, 2011, Deadline for full manuscripts

Ask more information from [email protected]

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The International Bioenergy and Bioproducts Conference (IBBC), March 14 -16, 2011, Atlanta, GA, USA

August 4th, 2010 by admin

Call for papers now on!

More information from here or from the BioPro website

Deadline for submission of abstracts on October 1, 2010
Deadline for presentations February 1, 2011
Submit abstracts to [email protected]

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Winter in Brazil, working at Cenibra

July 19th, 2010 by admin

During the Finnish summer Brazil is freezing cold. When the temperature drops below +20 degrees Celsius, the news is all about how you should dress warmly. So, mostly the cold has not been a problem for a Finn, you could even say that the weather is pleasant, during daytime even hot at times.

Brazilian people are great, and even more so after they learn that you are not an American even though you speak English. Cenibra pulp mill is situated in a small town Belo Oriente in the state of Minas Gerais and the nearest city is Ipatinga. Ipatinga has more residents than Turku in Finland but still it is considered a minor city in Brazil. The people around here are very friendly and curious about strangers (and yes, I apparently really look that different from them so that they can tell much before I open my mouth to speak) but the problem is that there are not many people who speak English and I only know a few words of Portuguese so it takes a while sometimes to get the message across.

At Cenibra people have been nothing but helpful. They are very friendly; practically my first week here my name shortened from Anna-Maria to Anna and that is what everybody is calling me now. The project I am working with is about fines and vessels and it is interesting. What frustrates me though is that there have been some problems at the mill that have delayed my project and changed the schedule. Also, when these delays happen, sometimes it is boring to wait around for busy people to take time out of their own work to help me find something to do. I think that experiencing the international workplace and doing research in my field of study will give me much to offer to my future employers. In the future there hopefully will be some interesting doors and windows open to me on my career.

Work takes the weekdays including nights for me because I am staying at Casa de hospedés of Cenibra, the guest house, from Monday to Friday. Weekends are my free time and I move to a hotel to Ipatinga as the guest house only has service on weekdays. One of the high points of my stay in Brazil has been when I traveled to Rio de Janeiro with my fellow trainees from Finland who are in two other pulp mills in Brazil. We all took a bus from our respective cities and met in Rio. The time there was great and I really want to go back there. One weekend is not long enough to spend there.

I am looking forward to hopefully traveling at least to Vitoriá and Ouro Preto at least before I leave. The time is flying when having fun.

Reporting from Belo Oriente, Minas Gerais,
Over and out,

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The 19th annual PDT Europe conference, November 15-17, 2010, Reading, UK

June 28th, 2010 by admin

Call for abstracts now on!

Theme 2010: Standards based PLM for Global Innovation and Collaboration

Key dates
June 21, Call for abstract open
Aug 18, Abstracts due
Sept 1, Final programme published
Nov 15-17, Conference in Reading, UK

Find more information here

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PulPaper 2010 was a great success

June 15th, 2010 by admin

The three day exhibition and conference event came through with flying colours. Considering the last few years difficult times for the industry, the PulPaper exhibition and conference were regarded a great success. During the three days, 12018 visitors from 63 countries attended the event and 625 companies from 30 countries exhibited in 210 stands. Over 350 delegates attended the Opening and Conference.

 The technical conference, on the theme ‘Implementing the new rise’, was very well received. A number of internationally renowned speakers inspired the delegates on the subjects of Sustainable solutions, Bioenergy, Winning change and Nanotechnology making sure that PulPaper once again proved to be one of the most high level paper conferences in the world.

 PI with AEL, Adforum and Finnish Fairs thanks all participants and sponsors for making this event a real success and the event of year.

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ISWFPC 2011, June 8-10, 2011, Tianjin, China

June 14th, 2010 by admin

16th International Symposium on Wood, Fiber and Pulping Chemistry
Call for paper now on!
More information:
Abstract submission September 30, 2010
Notification of acceptance October 31, 2010
Full Manuscripts January 31, 2011

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Welcome to PulPaper 2010!

April 20th, 2010 by admin

mikko&pirkkoMikko Jokio and Pirkko Molkentin-Matilainen wrote:

Welcome to Helsinki and the year’s biggest international paper industry/bioforest industry event in the world – PulPaper 2010.

The global operating environment of the paper industry is changing rapidly. In this dynamic setting, innovative products and new operating models are crucial in the sector’s bid to maintain and improve its competitive ability.

Implementing a new rise – the theme of PulPaper 2010 Conference – will cover the hottest issues in the bioforest industry today. The focus will centre on sustainable solutions, forest bioenergy, resource efficiency and the latest forest industry breakthroughs in bio and nanotechnology, complete with results from initial demonstrations and pilot plants.

In addition to the high-level conference programme, the event will feature the biggest forest industry cluster exhibition set to take place in 2010. Suppliers from all over the world will be on hand to present their new technology innovations and know-how.

Don’t forget that alongside the conference and exhibition, PulPaper 2010 offers its participants a terrific opportunity to NETWORK with old and new colleagues. This is one gathering of the industry’s movers and shakers that you won’t want to miss!

On behalf of Paper Engineers’ Association we warmly welcome you to join us at the pulp and paper industry’s greatest event of the year – PulPaper 2010!

We look forward to seeing you in Helsinki this June!

More detailed conference programme here:

Mikko Jokio

Pirkko Molkentin-Matilainen
President & CEO

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