1. What is AVVE Elite Summit?


AVVE Elite Summit is a prestigious gathering focused on the digital economy and the new internet economy. It brings together global leaders, experts, and innovators to explore the latest trends and opportunities in the industry.


2. What are the dates and location of the summit?


The dates and location of the AVVE Elite Summit will be updated on our website. We recommend checking regularly for the latest information.


3. How can I register for the summit?


You can find the registration link on our website and follow the instructions provided. We will offer detailed registration steps and fee information.


4. What are the registration fees for the summit?


The registration fees for the summit will vary depending on different participation options, early bird or regular registration, and other factors. Please refer to our website for the latest fee information.


5. Who are the professionals from which fields suitable to attend the summit?


AVVE Elite Summit welcomes professionals from various fields, including but not limited to technology, finance, entrepreneurship, investment, policy-making, and research.


6. What does the summit’s agenda include?


The summit’s agenda includes keynote speeches, workshops, panel discussions, interactive workshops, and more, covering various aspects of the digital economy and the new internet economy.


7. Is there an opportunity to submit proposals for speeches or presentations?


Yes, we welcome individuals or teams interested in submitting proposals for speeches or presentations. Please refer to our website for detailed submission requirements and deadlines.


8. Will conference materials or recordings be provided?


Yes, we typically provide conference materials and/or recordings for attendees to reference and review after the summit.


9. Are catering services provided during the summit?


Yes, catering services, including lunch and coffee breaks, will be provided during the summit. Special dietary requirements will also be accommodated.


10. Are accommodation recommendations provided during the summit?


Yes, we usually provide accommodation recommendations for nearby hotels to facilitate attendees in making lodging arrangements.


11. Is there a cancellation policy for registration?


Yes, we have a cancellation policy, and the specific policy and fees depend on the timing and reason for cancellation. Please check our website for detailed information.


12. How can I contact the summit organizers?


You can find contact information on the website or reach out to us via email or social media platforms. We are here to provide support and answer any questions you may have.


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